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Q:  Do you offer cheap towing services?      

A:   We wouldn't use the word cheap, but we offer the best rates in the Columbus County area.


Q:  Do you offer Flatbed Towing in Columbus County?

A:  Yes we offer Flatbed Towing services.


Q:  Do you take credit cards for Towing?

A:  Yes we take credit cards and can process them on the spot.  Credit card transactions 

      include a card fee.


Q:  Do you offer 24 Hour Towing Service?

A:  Yes we are a 7 day per week 24 hour per day Towing Company.


Q:  Are you licensed and insured?

A:  Yes we are both licensed and insured to tow your car or truck.


​Q:  I have a flat tire, can you change it quickly?


A:  Yes we offer roadside tire change services.


Q:  I think I have a dead battery.  Can you give me a jump start?

A:  Yes we will jump start your car.


Q:  I am locked out of my car.  Can you unlock my car?

A:  Yes we offer lockout services.

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